SearchSense creates high-performance data matching and interactive error-tolerant search engine software for databases and other structured data formats. It's time for intelligence, speed, and versatility.



Feature of “Interactive Intelligent Fuzzy Search”

1. Interactive Fuzzy Search Solution

We have developed Interactive Intelligent Search Engine which allows service providers to easily deliver highly precise, personalized and user-relevant search results. Our groundbreaking fuzzy search engine software is capable of finding data records in very large databases faster. SearchSense Fuzzy Search software offers a scalable solution for error-tolerant searching and lookup across multiple database columns with multiple simultaneous errors in either the database or search string. SearchSense® features an interactive search interface based on Ajax. SearchSense® is utilized in multiple application areas including:

Directories / Ecommerce Site / Local Search
SearchSense increases the value of several traffic intensive electronic directories and local search services, providing extremely fast error-tolerant search and lookup to their databases. It solves many common and technically challenging online search problems and conditions including misspelled words, sentences, syntax errors, word order mistakes and otherwise incorrectly formulated inputs or data entries.

Mobile Search SearchSense Mobile is a software solution that intelligently recognises and corrects inexact or ambiguous mobile service requests that do not exactly match the keywords. SearchSense Mobile offers a unique and straightforward way to improve the profitability and customer experience of all kinds of mobile search services.

2. Data Quality Solution

We have developed high-performance Data Matching and Interactive Intelligent Error-tolerant Search Engine software for databases and other structured data formats.

SearchSense Data Quality is a versatile software solution for solving complex data quality and matching problems related to inexact, erroneous and duplicate data sets and database records. The software also includes an advanced data clustering capability, which provides for very fast discovery of duplicates in a data set. SearchSense® delivers an intelligent solution for several common but technically challenging business problems related to poor data quality and inefficient data matching.
For example: